The Double Action Advantage

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The Double Action Advantage

What is Double Action? Double Action describes the unique, counter-rotating paddle configuration of the Leland Southwest Double Action Mixers. Product is moved in a "figure eight" pattern through the mixer, effectively combing all components, even micro ingredients. The design emulates hand mixing by folding ingredients together gently and thoroughly. Don't be fooled by manufacturers claiming "duel action" - this usually means reversible, not counter-rotating. Simply reversing the paddle direction will not decrease the mixing time nor give your products the "hand mixed" appearance and texture attainable with the Double Action Mixer. The Double Action paddles work in unison: the "inner" paddle blades rotate inside the "outer" ribbon blades. All Leland Southwest Double Action mixing paddles rotate at less than 26 RPM.

Horizontal, single action mixers require five to ten minutes to fully blend a product, and in that process, destroy the integrity of most products.

* Unless you have a "soupy" product consistency that can withstand a long mixing cycle,   you should be using a double action mixer.

* If particle definition and an even, thorough blend of ingredients are critical to your   product specifications, you should be using a double action mixer.

The only advantage a single action mixer has over a double action mixer is cost--single action mixers are inexpensive to build. However, as with most things, you get what you pay for.

The Leland Southwest Double Action Mixer, in one and a half minutes, will extract enough protein from sausage, without smearing or raising the temperature of your product, to make stuffing a breeze. Initially the Double Action Mixer was designed to effectively and efficiently extract protein from sausage for better bind, bite and yield. Today, the mixer has become a standard in the salad industry as well. Because the products are blended quickly and evenly with the paddles rotating slowly, ingredient components are not destroyed in the mixing process. In fact, most products are blended thoroughly in less than one minute. Potato salad -- 45 seconds. Macaroni salad -- 45 seconds. Coleslaw -- 45 seconds. Dry spices -- one minute.

We have salad, paste, pasta filling, sausage, spice, seafood, soup, mixed vegetable and pizza manufacturers that all rely on the Double Action Mixer in their operations. Shouldn't you?

Now available in 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1,200-pound capacities, the Leland Southwest Double Action Mixer will meet your production requirements. For continuous processing lines, we offer our Institutional Grade Double Action Mixers including the Hydraulic Lift and Tilt Models - available in 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1,200-pound capacities.

Seeing is believing and we want you to "see for yourself." Please call Leland Southwest at (817)232-4482 for a free copy of our video showing the Leland Southwest Double Action Mixers in action making potato salad, coleslaw, quiche filling and sausage. Ask about our "try before you buy" mixer approval program.

We will never claim to be the cheapest - only the best.

Don't you think it is time to try the single best Double Action Mixer?