Vacuum Tumblers

Leland Southwest



1) Improved brine penetration and uniformity.

· Each batch is the same because of mechanical agitation.

2)  Uniform Cure color development.

· Mechanical agitation provides even distribution of cure.

3)  Improved release of salt-soluble protein enhancing product 

Bind and coherency.

· The extracted protein provides the bonding cement for holding the muscle sections together in the finished product during processing and consumption.

4)  Development of a more uniform fine texture.

· Tumbling will brake down the muscle structure of the product for a finer texture.

5)  Improved tenderness.

· Tumbling enhances tenderness by braking down the muscle sections, connective tissue and fat, making them more pliable.

6)  Improved yield during processing.

· With the combination of added phosphate and mechanical agitation, yields are increased greatly.

7)  Reduced product weight loss during consumer preparation.

· The extracted exudate coagulates and seals in moisture during the cooking processes.

8)  Production of a finished product with very desirable 

slicing characteristics. 

· During tumbling, the fibers are broken down and a tacky exudate covers the muscle, bundles and fibers. When the muscles are compressed and the ham subsequently is cooked, the exudate coagulates and increases the bind between muscles and their components. This bind holds the product together for a complete, whole slices of product.

9)  Savings

· There is usually a 50% reduction in processing materials cost. You will use 50% less sawdust, which will produce a 50% savings. There will be a 20 to 30% savings in energy, with 1 to 3 less hours of smoke house time. There will be less ecological contamination. No salt, nitrates, phosphates or additives to run down the sewer systems. About 2/3rds less water wasted. 


Vacuum Tumblers


Model VT125


Marinading and Tenderizing

You’ll appreciate it. And so will your customers. Leland Southwest’s Vacuum Tumbler will save you time and money by decreasing processing time and increasing product yield. Features include a unique, vertical design that makes loading and unloading a snap, a tumbling drum guaranteed not to crack and variable speed control. Constructed in 304 polished stainless steel, this Leland Vacuum Tumbler is designed for 10 to 125 pound batch sizes. Your customers will appreciate the range of new products and the improved quality of products they’ve enjoyed for years. Win new customers; surprise your old ones.


Model VT250

For 250 pound batch size with space requirements.


Model VT500 and VT1000


Vacuum Tumbler

No more, rough and tumble. Leland Southwest’s Vacuum Tumblers are USDA approved and gives you smooth, reliable performance with a tumbling drum guaranteed not to crack under vacuum use. Other features include reversible, variable speed control and a bigger door for easier unloading, plus the drum is built higher so you can unload product directly into a meat truck. Constructed in polished 304 stainless steel, Leland Vacuum Tumblers are designed for 500 or 1,000 pound batch sizes