Leland Southwest

E-Z Knocking Pen

 The E-Z Knocking Pen brings new convenience and  safety to the small slaughter house. Currently in use at the USDA  Research facility and Universities Across the United States. Made in  Fort Worth, TEXAS. Custom made in either Left or Right Discharge or even  Free Standing. 

This unit is all mechanical and does not use any electricity or hydraulics. 

Leland Southwest

EZ-Hog Restraint

 The hog walks into the Restraining Trap until its weight trips the bottom.
Bottom  falls away, wedging the hog between the sides. The operator is then  able to stun the hog with a humane stunner and trip the latch, releasing  the hog on its side for easy shackling. The Restraining Trap is  balanced to trip and return without using air or hydraulic assistance.  The  E-Z  Hog  Restraining Trap is sturdily built for long, hard use. It  is made of heavy-duty  Stainless Steel, Galvanized mild steel or  Painted mild steel. 

Leland Southwest

Custom Free Standing Meat rail systems

 For about 40 years we have been helping Meat  processors Design and Build Free Standing Rail Systems that will fit in  their existing building. Free Standing means none of the customers  existing structure is used to support the rails and product load.